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Beth Warner
Brendan Warner
David Warner
Camp: Jonathan Warner Camp
Family Members: Kristine Cortese, Rye Warner
Elizabeth Warner
Camp: David Warner
Family Members: Dedie Moore, Grace Warner, David Warner, Time Chrusciel, Theresa Warner
Sills/Expertise Textiles: rug hooking, embroidery
Grace Warner
Camp: Warner
Family Members: Grace, Jim, Marissa, and Adrienne
Jessica Warner
Camp: Warner Phillips Camp - upper lake
Family Members: Sara, Steve, Sam, Hannah Phillips; Beth Warner; JSW family; Lotos Lodge family; Kaytis family
Theresa Warner
Sara Warner Phillips
Family Members: Stephen Phillips, Sam Phillips, Hannah Phillips, Beth Warner, Jessica Warner
Agatha Wells
Chany Wells
Conrad Wells
Diana Wells
Emily Wells
Frank Wells
Gregory Wells
Gully Wells
Hubbard Wells
Kathryn Wells
Lindsay Wells
Melissa Wells
Tim Wells
Family Members: Carol Wells
Charles Whittier
Frank Whittier
Jen Whittier
Jennifer Whittier
Michael Whittier
Stephen Whittier
Jesse Wildrick
Lucy Wildrick
Anne Williams
Camp: Bugbite (a.k.a Old Schwab Camp), Crow Hole (a.k.a New Schwab Camp),
Family Members: Amanda Paley, Easton Shedd, Lila Shedd, David Cory, Rebecca Cory, Daniel Cory, Caroline Cory, Ezra Affoumado, Phoebe Damrosch, Roger Williams, Laura Ivey, Ron Ivey, Andrea Combes, Alice Combes,
Sills/Expertise financial, sailing
Roger Williams
Camp: Schwab/Williams
Family Members: Sam Krotinger, Phoebe Damrosch-Williams, Laura Ivey, Anne Williams