Environmental Information

The mission of the Mt. Riga Inc. Environmental Stewardship Committee (ESC) is to encourage the responsible use and long term protection of the community’s woods, waters and wildlife. ESC’s work is guided by the principle of environmental stewardship: our relationship to the land, the animals which inhabit it, and the plants that grow upon it.

Environmental Stewardship Committee Information

Learn more about the committee's current initiatives and review past meeting minutes.

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Product Recommendations

Whether swimming in the lake or washing your dishes, you have an effect on the health of our lakes. The ESC has compiled a helpful list of recommended products for use on the mountain.

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Forestry Information

Resources for more information on our trails, recents cuts, and information about invasives to keep an eye out for.

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Lake Information

Training videos for lake testing, recent lake study reports, and further information on invasives.

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Invasives To Watch For

Invasive species to keep a wary eye out for.

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