Environmental Stewardship Committee Information

Our Mission

The mission of the Mt. Riga Inc. Environmental Stewardship Committee (ESC) is to encourage the responsible use and long term protection of the community’s woods, waters and wildlife. ESC’s work is guided by the principle of environmental stewardship: our relationship to the land, the animals which inhabit it, and the plants that grow upon it.

With a focus on responsible land use and protection through conservation and
sustainability, the ESC assists the Mt. Riga Inc. Board, the members of the Mt.
Riga community, and our neighbors on the Taconic Plateau with making
informed decisions to achieve, maintain, and preserve a high level of
environmental quality in the Northwest Corner.

To accomplish the ESC’s mission, the Committee has developed initiatives in the
following focus areas:

  • Lake Testing
  • Forestry
  • Invasive Species
  • Community Education

Recent ESC projects have included:

  • Training citizen-scientists to conduct water testing in the Upper and
  • Lower lakes
  • Preparing a list of ‘Lake-Safe’ products for community distribution
  • Documenting past and future forestry cuts
  • Developing a Geographic Information System for Mt. Riga

If you would like to become involved in projects or have questions about
upcoming events, please reach out to any of the ESC Committee members.