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Dick Storey

Hello Jessie,
Someone will have to check all the gas connections for leaks … you can use soap & water on the connections and look for bubbles, or you can get a spray which turns purple in the presence of gas at your local hardware store.
Turn the gas back on, and starting at your gas tank, check the connection for any gas leaks. Follow the gas line to the next and all subsequent connections … test each one for a leak.Eventually, you will get into your cabin where you can check ┬áthe connections to the range, refrigerator, etc for gas leaks. Even if you find a leak and fix it, check all other connections (there may be more than one leak).
If no leaks are found, you may have to check that the gas lines are not leaking. Another quick test is to go along the pipe line and see if you smell any gas.
Gas connections have to be fairly tight, and the pipe threads sealed with teflon tape or a plumbers putty.You might want to have Dan Brazee check for the leak(s).
Good luck. See you on the mountain in June or July.
DIck Storey

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