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    Hello, Mountain Community.

    I am posting an exert from Mom’s resignation letter to the Board:

    It is time for this old lady to retire and pass on the responsibility of caretaking our beloved Mountain and one another to the next generations. I am proud of the hard work and growth that occurred during my years as President and as a Director, and I am even prouder of the community, people who I love as my extended family, that I have worked and connected with all these years. It is time for us to transcend old feuds and to collaborate to create a mountain community that will thrive for another 100 years. I have absolute faith in my daughter, her peers, and the upcoming generations to work together to continue to strengthen MRI and preserve our beautiful Mountain.

    With deep gratitude and love.

    Mariah Morgan

    Many thanks, Alice, for your years of service. Your legacy is a pretty incredible one and I am grateful not only for the incredible amount of hard work and time you’ve given our community but also for the steps you took as the first female president of Mount Riga. May the young generations of mountain folk follow the example you’ve set!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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