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    Chris Moore

    As discussed on listserve/FB am crossposting this response to Roger about the listserve.

    Would continue to encourage people to try to use website to post to the larger community.


    There has been a fair amount of discussion about mountain communication but it needs to be more resolved.

    The changes in Yahoo will not affect the ability for people to post an email message to the listserve. However files etc. will not be supported on the group website (which I think few people actually access). The listserve has never been a good way to share files/ photos etc. It required logging into Yahoo to view even when supported. So for example on recent posts by Bill and Steve it is unlikely you can see the content they shared unless you log into Yahoo.

    The Facebook group is a good platform for files, messages and conversations but is not used by all in the community.

    The mountain website allows posting of messages and some files of limited size. However it is more challenging to access and post a message, requiring a login. I have not been able to access it from my phone for some reason. I would be interested to hear if there are people on this listserve who are not getting emails when a topic is posted on the website, and will cross post this to website and FB when I am back at a computer.

    I think the listserve probably still serves a purpose for outgoing text communication until everyone is on board with the website. As mentioned it is not good for anything more than text, or for back and forth conversations. The Facebook group remains a great place to share non essential social communication with attachments and photos for those who participate (currently 155 members), and is also good for discussion that does not flood everyone’s inboxes.

    However would encourage people to try to post to mountain website to improve that usage and functionality. Thoughts appreciated, and Mariah/Ana may have comments re: the website.


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