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    Hi, everyone. It was thrilling to come up last weekend, and I thank Danny for helping me with a treehouse issue so that we could. (And I like the eagle wingspan signs!) I have been scouting about for a 1-room office nearby I can rent through Sept, maybe October. I need to be able to zoom teach over the summer, and I won’t be able to do work as I usually do in the library . . . (until July, I hear). I can work in any kind of private space–it just needs wifi, (electricity!), a window and a/c and can be anywhere where an owner wants some rent money. I saw a room about the pet supply place but it was pretty sad . . . and my physical therapist didn’t want to sublet. So, forgive the non-Riga related message but I thought I would put it out there in case. best, jess

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