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    Mariah Morgan

    Hi all,

    All shareholders with current email addresses on file with the office have now been granted access to the Mount Riga website. That said, many are still missing! If you know the email address for any of the shareholders listed below, please comment with their info!

    IF you know a community member (someone who is a part of our circle but not a shareholder), please fill out the form on this page to request access for them!

    Shareholders for whom there is not a current email address on file:

    Donna Barvoets
    Ernest Barvoets
    Suzanne Barvoets De Sorbo
    Mary Louise Mariah Bat-Hayim
    Jonathan Binzen
    Peter Binzen
    Donald Borden
    Shannon Chapman
    Lynne Faille
    Rebecca Foges
    Douglas Freeby
    Beth Geary
    Maeve Gilman
    Alexandra Hunter
    Nicholas Hunter
    Timothy Hunter
    George Kollias
    Robin Leech
    Eliza McCabe
    Wesley McCabe
    Sam Phillips
    Hannah Phillips
    Douglas Placals
    Mary Schwab
    Anne Storey
    Lydia Wells Thornberry
    Matthew Toth
    Virginia Warner
    Jalorn Wells
    Thomas Wells

    Margaret Moore

    Hi Mariah,
    Diane Gee is: Diana Gee <[email protected]>
    Jake Guttormsson is: Jake Guttormsson <[email protected]>


    Dick Storey

    Hello Mariah,
    Olivia & Dick Storey share the same email address: [email protected]

    Thanks for your help bringing the mountain into the 21st century.

    Dick Storey

    Betsy Warner

    Brendan Warner [email protected]

    Mariah Morgan

    Thanks, folks! The list is getting shorter- keep them coming!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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