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    Mariah Morgan

    Posting on behalf of Margie Vail and the Mt. Riga Cemetery Association…

    Please help keep our records current. Mt Riga Cemetery Association is trying to identify the holder, or holders, of deeds to all plots in the cemetery. Several original owners have died and the association would like the name, or names, addresses and emails of the current holder/holders of the plot. The heir,or heirs, to the plot are now the owner/owners of the plot. The owners of said plot control who may be buried in that plot. Please contact Mary DePasquale at: [email protected] to help us keep our records straight.

    We are also happy to report that 9 graves that were damaged by age or storm in the old Salisbury Mt.Riga Cemetery have been restored, thanks to a restoration grant submitted on our behalf by Jean McMillan, Salisbury supervisor of the town original cemeteries.

    Martha McCabe

    Thanks, Mariah, Margie Vail, Mary DePasquale, & the Mt. Riga Cemetery Association for your work on this. It might facilitate people’s research in Town Hall deed records to know who the grantor was–i.e. did the plots pass from Mount Riga, Incorporated to families or individuals, or from the Cemetery Association itself? If the latter, knowing in what year the Cemetery Association was created will help narrow search parameters. Thank you.

    Gina Conquest

    I have the deed to the Bell lots (C1 and C2) dated December1,1964. The deed names the Mt. Riga Cemetery Association, Inc (“a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Connecticut”).
    “in consideration of fifty dollars received to its full satisfaction of Joseph D. Bell and Elizabeth B. Bell, their heirs and assigns forever, the hereinafter described Burial Lots fully, situated in the Town of Salisbury, on Mt. Riga, which Burial Lots appear on the map entitled ‘Map of Portion of Land Belonging to Mt. Riga, Inc., layout of cemetery plots, Taconnick Mountain – Town of Salisbury – Connecticut, Scales 1″ equals 10’, August 1964, by Charles P. Hurley, Engineer, Winsted, Conn.”
    I also have something from the Salisbury Town Clerk “recording Oct 2, 1972, Burial Lot Deed #C1 & #C2. Mt. Riga Cemetery Assn., Inc.”
    Maybe the second recording came after the town hall burned?
    I hope this answers some questions. For the time being, I am the contact person for these lots.
    Gina Bell Conquest

    Fran Miller

    To Martha’s reference of Mt Riga Cemetery, Assoc., Incorporated,  vs 
    Mt Riga Incorporated:
    Our plot, through my parents, the Charles Sawtelle’s, was granted by the M. R. Cemetery Association INC in December, 1964. 
    Frances S. Sawtelle Miller


    The grantor would be the MtRiga Cemetery Association. Unfortunately we do not have a listing of when each was deeded.  We do have records for those purchased within the last 5 years, I believe.
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    Margie Vail


    Barbara Barvoets

    I have copies of deeds for the Frank Wells McCabe plots, A1,A2,B1,B2.

    Best,Barbara Barvoets

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