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    David Warner

    Maintenance and Security Committee seeks additional volunteers.
    Hello All,
    As the Chair of the Maintenance and Security Committee I am reaching out to the broader community to see if any folks are interested in joining and supporting our work.
    The Maintenance and Security Committee provides oversight and management of our road (Roger Newkirk), security (Dan Brazee) and grounds (Chris Anderson) contractors. The Chair is the day to day supervisor of the Security Contractor. In coordination with the MRI Office Manager, the committee manages the Ostrander Beach permits, campsite reservations, and hunting permits; road signage, and Beach staffing. In addition to these responsibilities, the Committee also takes on projects from time to time.
    Current projects are:
    • Developing a brochure with information and expectations for renters and sub-letters that folks can share in furtherance of preserving the pristine environment we all have the privilege of sharing.
    • Working with the town of Salisbury to improve road signage for emergency responders.
    • Working with the town of Salisbury to collaborate on a new gate at the MA border on the Mt. Washington Rd.
    • Working with approved contractors to develop a CT DEEP approved action plan for beaver activity abatement.
    Generally, we have a 1 hour phone meeting every 3-4 months depending on the projects we are moving forward.
    If you are interested in being a part of this committee, please email me at [email protected]
    David Warner, Chair of the Maintenance and Security Committee
    Current members of the committee are:
    Andrea Combes
    Jen Whittier
    Kevin O’Brien

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