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Caroline Bartlett
Courty Bartlett
David Bartlett
MW Bartlett
Camp: Bartlett
Family Members: David Bartlett, Courty Bartlett
Skills/Expertise writing, editing
Barbara Barvoets
Camp: Laureledge
Family Members: Bob Kaveny, Jack Freeby, Piper Freeby
Ernest Barvoets
Clayton Beer
Camp: Lotos Lodge
Family Members: Audrey Bryant, Graham Beer
Molly Beer
Samuel Beer
Camp: Lotus Lodge (Clay Beer and Audrey Bryant)
Family Members: Lucia, Clay, Molly, Steph
Stephanie Beer
Bruce Bell
Duffy Bell
Gaile Binzen
Katherine Binzen
Nate Binzen
Tim Binzen
DeLoss Blackburn
Caroline Blaker
Rick Blaker
Virginia Blaker
Erica Burrow